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What are resolutions?

Is it a yearly event to try to get your life in order? Or is it a feudal attempt to reach a specific desired goal such as losing weight or making more money?  Are resolutions merely mission statements that we quickly forget? Why do humans have unlimited dissatisfaction?

One of your comments was that my blog was very vanilla and dry. How exciting can fertilizer and mulch be? So, here is a more subjective and thought provoking dissertation.

Leave your past behind. You are not your story. You are not: your job, your marital status, your disease, what your parents think of you, what your kids think of you, what anyone thinks of you. What is important is what you think of you.

 Life on this planet especially at this time is supposed to be fun! We no longer have to fight for our physical survival or slay dragons. How do we make life fun? How about developing virtues?

 A list of virtues includes: kindness, integrity, service, compassion, consideration, cleanliness, and gratitude. Virtues are universal and recognized by all cultures as basic qualities necessary for our well being and harmonious living. Necessary because when we practice virtuosity, we build character. Becoming more virtuous people will attract great things that may have been missing in life such as fulfilling relationships, a more purposeful better life, and happiness.

I believe money is a means of exchange to satisfy a desire. However, as John said, “Can’t buy me love.” But happiness is fleeting, unless we can figure out how to turn on the self-generating happiness machine inside of all of us. Perhaps we can start by being grateful, smiling for no reason, and taking time to just sit in nature for a few minutes every day. I do this.

 What is money to you? Is it a sign of success like a pat on the back? The perception and perspective of how much money or success we have colors our outlook light or dark. Just as if we perceive ourselves as mediocre, we will rise to only that level.

What lies beyond success? We are feverishly seeking it to what end? Our journey (yours and mine) is one of goal eaters. What really feeds us? Is it our own ingenuity or the kindness we give to others? I say both. We thrive on the next challenge, as challenges are opportunities to excel. “The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how we use them.”

 Being in the service of what we want to express to the world is thought provoking. What do you want to express? What is your service? Does it serve you? Is it your goal to do it well? I love whole ‘practicing’ part of being a lawyer or going to yoga. Practice is good. I am practicing to be a good human, and yes, yoga helps!

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